smovey - for fitness, therapy and health - all in one! 

  • smovey is recommended by doctors and therapists recognized throughout Europe in the field of prevention, rehabilitation and health promotion
  • Even elite athletes and coaches recommend smovey as an effective and alternative fitness tool for coordination, core and posture stabilization

smoveyEFFECT - the benefits

  • activates 97% of the whole musculature = fatburning
  • vitalizes more than 100 million somatic cells
  • tightens the connective tissues
  • mobilizes the digestive system
  • promotes the metabolism
  • purification - massages and relieves the lymph system
  • strenghtens the immun system and the work of the thymus gland
  • strenghtens the cardiovascular system
  • relaxation - loosens tension in neck, back and shoulders
  • enhances the coordination by activating both sides of the brain
  • better coordination can reduce falls which can be dangerous especially in old age and osteoporosis

here is what doctors say:

smovey use in Neurology
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smovey use in Neurology and Orthopedy
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more testimonials you can find here: (sorry in German only)

Expertisen und Erfahrungsberichte

this young man was totally unable to move by himself before they started to use the smovey on him... simply incredible... he started with 5 min/ day and now exercises up to 1 hour... that`s life with smovey!!!

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