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my name is Petra and I am a smoveyCOACH.

Today I want to introduce to you the smovey.

smovey are an extraordinary 8 in 1 fitness,

health and therapy device.

? Do you want to gain more energy and improve your overall well-being in just 10 min/ day?

? Loosing weight and burning fat without any struggle?

? Improve your well-being in many many diseases such as neurological or orthopedic affections?

Relax tensions in neck, back and shoulders?

? Are you looking for a simple but effective tool that can be used everywhere - indoor, outdoor and even aqua - easy to handle and to take with you?

? Do you want to have lots of fun while training your body and getting guaranteed demonstrable rapid results?




it`s smoveyVIBROSWING 

two rings, weighing 500 gr each

containing 4 steal balls which can create a frequency up to 60 hertz when in motion. It equals the humans rhythm pattern and can easily harmonize all your body cells.

--> Healthy, fit and vital with smovey

 no matter what goal you have, with smovey you really can achieve it!

whether it`s to mobilize, strenghten or 

to relax - smovey does what you want!


smovey is health in your hands

  • weight loss and fat burning
  • body toning and anti-cellulite
  • effective total body workout
  • relaxes tension
  • build-up of muscles especially intrinsinc and deep muscles
  • osteoporosis and fall prophylaxis
  • used for depression, burnout, stress relief, rheumatism, diabetes, high blood pressure...
  • improves well-being in neurological diseases such as Parkinson`s, Alzheimer`s, MS...

smovey - swing, move and smile

smovey can be used by every one

- for all ages, all fitness levels and every situation...

Are you interested in using smovey for yourself or in therapy or training?

For more information please contact me via email: